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Yarn Obsessed

...tales from the stash pile

11 March
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  • geek_knits@livejournal.com
All the knitting was starting to take over geekwriter143's main journal, so she created geek_knits as a place to put all the yarn- and craft-related posts that were getting in the way of the porn.

She's not a fantastic knitter. She's a pretty good knitter. She likes to think of herself as a brave knitter; she'll try anything once, except acrylic socks because just the thought of them makes her feet sweat.

Geek is addicted to yarn, and knitting is mainly her cover story, a way to explain the constant expansion of her stash. What? All that new yarn? I, um...oh, yeah, I totally have a project in mind for that. In fact, I'm going to start on it right away. Really. That's why I got it. I swear.

Her favorite yarn is whatever yarn she's currently looking at. She's a whore for flashy ribbon yarns and handspun undyed wool alike. She loves handpaints and tweeds and heathers and solids. She loves merino and mohair and alpaca, cotton and linen, viscose and nylon. She likes combining two or three different yarns just to see what happens.

She also writes porn, so it's quite possible that talk of sex toys or musings about the best brand of lube will slip in to her knitting posts. You'll get used to it after awhile.

Besides knitting, she spends her days writing porn, smoking too much, enjoying the fact that she lives in Arizona, and obsessing about how fucking attractive Callum Keith Rennie is, which is slightly odd considering that she's a lesbian.